Movie – Edge of Tomorrow: A+

edge of tomorrowA+
Remember in Matrix Revolutions when they had one scene with cool mecha suits fighting squiggly robots? Now imagine even cooler mech suits fighting nearly the whole movie against yet cooler and even more squiggly aliens using Groundhog Day’s premise. (Sorta. Mostly for the character arc.) Add all that up and you get a visually stunning scifi actioner that juggles its fantastic premise with humor when necessary, enough character to feel attached, and wave after wave of beautiful chaos. It wisely avoids being epic, staying focused and intimate. This very well could be war science fiction at its best since Aliens.

Movie – Looper: A

I love time travel when it’s done as well as this. I didn’t expect the heavy levels of another sci-fi element, but it worked well too. Its vision of a more conceivable future was well-formed and it was easy to accept how things “worked” in order to be lead along by the story. Some slow parts, but still quite satisfying.

Movie – The Young Victoria: B+

It’s hard to admit that I enjoyed such a film, but most of it was well done. Don’t get me wrong, it was so sappy I felt like a fly stuck to a maple tree but the historical elements (though most likely wildly inaccurate) were interesting. As with all Victorian-set films, the costumes and set design were superb, and the acting was elaborate. Unfortunately, like most of those same films, the dialog is unbelievable and the drama is manufactured almost to gaudiness.

Movie – The Adjustment Bureau – C+


It was a love story with a vaguely religious, sci-fi overcoat. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were magnificent together and had wonderful chemistry, but with no real antagonist against whom to battle, it became a bland, and horrendously predictable, love-conquers-all story. Once again, a Philip K. Dick story is adapted to a mediocre film. They can’t all be Blade Runners I guess.