Movie – Perfume: The Story of a Murderer: C-

I never quite got on board with the fairy-tale approach to this story. Was it an attempt at dark humor? Never figured that out. The protagonist was wholly unlikable despite attempts to show him otherwise. I labored through all the repetition and interminable close-ups (an attempt to evoke the smells around which the film focused) hoping for some sort of catharsis, but alas. The ending abruptly plummeted into lunacy, completely avoiding any semblance of a satisfying conclusion. The supporting cast, including Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman, fulfilled their parts admirably, but it wasn’t enough.


Movie – Kung-Fu Panda 2: A

I’m a kung-fu fan, and the makers of this film were too. Like the original, (and most good animated movies quite frankly) the story adapts a tried and true genre plotline and adapts it for it’s own purposes. Though not quite as good as the first, it delivers when it counts. There were moments of character overload, but with the amount of talented actors and artists this movie gathered it wasn’t overly distracting.