Movie – Edge of Tomorrow: A+

edge of tomorrowA+
Remember in Matrix Revolutions when they had one scene with cool mecha suits fighting squiggly robots? Now imagine even cooler mech suits fighting nearly the whole movie against yet cooler and even more squiggly aliens using Groundhog Day’s premise. (Sorta. Mostly for the character arc.) Add all that up and you get a visually stunning scifi actioner that juggles its fantastic premise with humor when necessary, enough character to feel attached, and wave after wave of beautiful chaos. It wisely avoids being epic, staying focused and intimate. This very well could be war science fiction at its best since Aliens.


Movie – The Bourne Identity: A+

The Bourne movies represent the zenith of spy/action film. Everything about them results in engagement and thrill. Even tiny roles like Clive Owen’s are excellent. I could watch this movie dozens of times. Matt Damon at his best.