Movie – Room 237: B+

room 237B+
This documentary points out some really interesting details and quirks about The Shining, but that’s not really what it’s about. It more of a study on how people can take a piece of art and find whatever message or symbolism they want, intended or otherwise. The movie does a great job at just letting it’s various narrators explain their (mostly) ridiculous theories on Kubrick’s intended purpose lurking behind the film without commenting on them. Sometimes the evidence is quite interesting, but usually you have to squint and make few logical leaps. It reminded me of freshman lit classes.


Movie – The Act of Killing: B+

act of killingB+
Though the film’s focus is relating a horrendous genocide, the most compelling part is its approach of having the perpetrators think they are creating a re-enactment. Their nonchalance in recapping their personally committed murders is both astounding and difficult to watch. And while their goofiness makes them all the more atrocious, it does get a bit repetitive.

Movie – Blackfish: A

I already thought that orcas were fairly awesome, so this documentary was poised to hit me. But the poor conditions behind their captivity wasn’t the interesting part, it was the forced reaffirmation of how they got the nickname “killer whale” and how Frankenstein-ian it all seems. It’s grim and kinda depressing, but with the aim of change. Though fairly one-sided, that’s to be expected when a documentary attempts a fight with a big business. It made me wonder about other dangerous performance animals and whether or not their history is equally heartbreaking.

Movie – Flow: D

Documentaries are generally good, even those that are politically-driven, but this look at the privatization of water presented such a slanted take on the subject that it reminded me of some conspiracy theory documentary. The few good points were drowned out by the rantings and pseudo-statistics of the activists the movie interviewed in lieu of more credible, unbiased sources.