Movie – 2 Guns: B+

2 gunsB+
Denzel played himself, naturally, and Wahlberg played the funny version of his two personas, and with the help of some good dialog, they gave the film some great buddy flick humor. The story wasn’t terribly original, and the twists were pretty standard fair for such a film. I went into this without really having any idea what it was about, and that lack of presumptions certainly helped that poor plotting seem less detrimental.


Movie – Flight: C

Flight is not so much a story as it is a PSA on substance abuse. The interesting premise was watered down with so much blatant symbolism and plot pandering that it couldn’t really develop. Occasionally good. Mostly not. The Denzel was his usual Denzelness. I always enjoy Don Cheadle.

Movie – Safe House: B+

I enjoyed that this spy thriller utilized an inexperienced spy as its protagonist, but wish there’d been a little more to it. No surprises as Reynolds and The Denzel develop their 3:10 to Yuma-esque relationship. Good, if forgettable, action scenes round out the traditional plotting and dialog to make for an enjoyable watch you’ll forget about soon afterwards.