Movie – Godzilla: A+

I’ve been a Godzilla fan for years, despite most of them being cartoonish at best and simply awful at worst. But not this time. This Godzilla does everything as it should. The natural disaster metaphors are clear. The danger-of-nuclear-power legacy is evident. And they found a way of making Godzilla the “good guy” without dumbing him down. The human perspective worked great, creating that confusing sense of breath-holding terror alongside humbling awe. Everything looked great too, with awesome visuals throughout (though at times at the expensive of logic). And of course, the final giant monster smackdown is almost overwhelmingly entertaining. Godzilla is finally worthy of his King of Monsters title again.


Movie – Lincoln: A

Like The Academy, I’m a sucker for speeches and stories about racism. Lincoln was wonderfully full of both. I’m much less enthralled by politics, around which, of course, the entire film focused, but luckily the film’s extensive attention to detail and Daniel Day Lewis’ probable-oscar-winning performance brought entertainment to the subject. Biopics should always be set in a limited time frame as this was, rather than the subject’s entire lifetime or even career.

Movie – The Bourne Legacy: A-

Spy thrillers seem a genre I always forget I love so much, and the Bourne trilogy is among the best out there. I enjoyed this new direction, but felt the motivations were a little off, though I admit in retrospect Damon’s Bourne’s amnesia is also fairly weak. The action, however, was solid and entertaining. Lots of it reminded of similar scenes in the other Bourne films, but I enjoyed that rather than lamenting any stagnancy. Renner remains an actor that I’ve enjoyed watching, but not one that excites me.

Movie – The Whistleblower: B

While not particularly remarkable, I can’t find anything substantial to fault. I had a few plot and pacing hang-ups, but that usually happens when something gets “based on a true story” as they steer clear of the melodrama that I seem to enjoy so much in favor of “accuracy.” The ending wasn’t quite satisfying, but it wasn’t dissatisfying either. Rachel Weisz wasn’t at her best, but her best isn’t amazing anyway.