Movie – Guardians of the Galaxy: A+

guardians of the galaxyA+
I’ve always convinced myself I was a fan of Marvel’s cosmic series, but to be honest, I would classify very few as “good”. But now, finally, I am rewarded for my vigilant fandom. Guardians of the Galaxy threw more cosmic comic references than I could’ve dreamed, and topped it with nostalgia for things non-comic-bookers love too, most notably the music. But even the space adventure structure felt warmly familiar. The humor exceeded expectations (which were already high) and the action flowed gorgeously. And for a movie overflowing with characters, each was granted enough time to find a purpose.

Movie – Riddick: C+

I don’t remember Chronicles of Riddick, other than that it sucked, and the opening exposition reaffirmed that memory. After that, this film attempted to recreate the first film in the series, which remains the only good one. The aliens are cool (but not as awesome as Pitch Black) and giving Vin Diesel an alien dog was just silly. All of the cast tries really hard to seem badass and edgy, but it’s all very juvenile. I continue to dislike Katee Sackhoff, though the movie did continue my minor interest in Dave Bautista. There’s a lot of dumb plot-forcing logic, a scant few awesome actionings, and very not much else.

Movie – The Man with the Iron Fists: C

man with the iron fistsC
It certainly felt like an authentic kung-fu film, right down to the dialog so terrible it sounded like a bad dub. The characters filled their niches and I loved their various specialties/weapons/costumes. The sets looked great too. But when Dave Bautista gives one of the best performances of your film, something is wrong. I’m not sure how Russel Crowe wandered onto this set, but he looked like was having fun. The actual kung-fuing was pretty standard wire-jumping, nothing special.