Comic – Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise: A+

Avatar promiseA+
They captured the voice and look of the show perfectly, like looking at animatics for a multi-part episode. All the heart, suspense, comedy, and fun that the series so wonderfully displayed were all present. It was full of great sequences and never felt like something tacked on, but rather an engaging continuation. I wholly recommend it to all fans of the show.


Comic – Lobster Johnson vol2: The Burning Hand: A-

lobster johnson vol2A-
The best thing about Lobster Johnson is his entourage. He has a full team of guys helping him who aren’t also superheroes, just regular guys. It easily makes him more likable, while still allowing him to have that shadowy badass persona. The story was fairly standard, with a regrettable spunky-reporter-girl as protagonist. I’m conflicted over the villain too. He was certainly cool and all, but lacking in any real development. Like Boba Fett or Darth Maul. But Mignola knows his pulp and has never disappointed.

Comic – B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth vol1: New World: A+

I was worried that after they ended their first super-arc (14 TPB volumes!) it would take a while to get ramped back up. In this volume Houston and Seattle are both destroyed. And that’s just the tip of the epic iceberg. The characters are just so nuanced and perfectly utilized. Writing this review, I realize that the Hellboy universe is by far my favorite comic series, and that no one I know has read hardly any of it, especially B.P.R.D. It’s so good, peoples!

Comic – Concrete: C+

Paul Chadwick likes to focus on realism and nature, using his character to be an obvious foil to these concepts. The stories are intriguing at first, but get bogged down with excessive thought balloons and similar plotting. Nothing comes of hints at possible drama between the main characters. Though it does competently handle its environmentalism without getting preachy, and the adhesion to real-world physics is notably unique.

Comic – Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth: A

I love Axe Cop, though the fact I enjoy a comic written by a 6 year old probably says a lot about my literary maturity. Bad Guy Earth is more of the same, which is to say, awesome. They definitely ramp up the epic in this one, which is saying a lot for a comic that consistently blows up entire planets. At times it got a bit mired, but mostly the story-telling has advanced to a wonderfully entertaining position.