Movie – The Amazing Spider-Man 2: B-

amazing spiderman 2B-
Nearly all the action sequences could be called “amazing” but unfortunately I’d already seen most of them in the previews, despite attempting to avoid them. But I digress. They finally got Spider-Man’s wittiness down. His mid-fight quips are the best yet and Peter and Gwen are eye-rollingly adorable. But man did the story make no sense. There was so much forced plotting and ridiculous coincidence it’s hard to quantify it all. Far too many characters and plotlines and not enough cohesion.

Movie – The Place Beyond the Pines: A

place beyond the pinesA
Certainly stylish, and wonderfully thought-provoking. Gosling’s performances are getting familiar, but Bradley Cooper shines here. I suppose this film made me realize I’m a fan of his. It experiments with an ambitious, and a little awkward, structure. But once the third act started and I realized where the themes were taking me, I became a fan of this film as well.

Movie – Chronicle: A

The found footage format is a lamentable gimmick, and certainly feels forced at certain parts, but Chronicle rises above it and delivers a poignant and entertaining movie. Though a tad slow, and perhaps a bit cliche at the beginning, the film’s final act is such a powerhouse of action and imagery that it made me forget any possible faults.