Movie – From Up on Poppy Hill: A-

from up on poppy hillA-
Goro Miyazaki needed this. Tales from Earthsea was such an amazing disappointment, but From Up On Poppy Hill is decent enough to qualify as redemption. The story was a fairly simple melodrama, told in a simple fashion, and simply enjoyed. And, of course, Studio Ghibli’s backgrounds are so gorgeous they belong in art museums. The deluge of characters threatened to drown me, but the main few kept my head above water.


Movie – Drive: C-

Why would a movie called Drive a)have only one lack-luster car chase, and b) not explain any justification for what motivates (i.e. drives) its characters? Staring at another person does not convey emotion. It conveys boredom. The “realistic” approach was unraveled by the excessive gore that begins in the second half of the film.

Movie – All-Star Superman: B+

The source material is fantastic, as I’ve stated, and the movie version is almost entirely faithful. That “almost” is crucial, however, as they changed some of the best things about the comic, oddly making Superman less impressive and trying to bring him back to the “just punch the problem” Supes from the standard comics. As expected (and required) they left out a few of the story arcs, but the central story still could’ve been reconstructed a little more clearly.