Movie – Prometheus: A

For all Ridley Scott’s “this is not a prequel” talk, it certainly was filled with direct connections to his Alien. That said, he delivered on every promise. It was moody and ominous, full of great performances, especially Fassbender’s, and contained just the right amount of suspense and action. Some of the new alien designs were interesting, while others were merely satisfactory. Good sci-fi is rare, and this is it.


Movie – Snow White and the Huntsman: D

I have a love-hate relationship with trailers. The creator of this trailer is some sort of marketing wizard. It’s as though they created an awesome trailer, and then someone filled in the rest of the movie with the muck that made up the majority of this film. It was full of confusing scripting/editing choices, often ignoring potential to pursue its disjointed script. Kristen Stewart was awful (and certainly not “The Fairest”), Thor was barely acceptable, and Charlize Theron’s Queen seemed forced, though I blame the dialog and director.