Comic – Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search: A+

Avatar searchA+

Like The Promise, this volume is another fantastic complement to the series. Not only that, but it answers one of the fundamental questions remaining from the show, the mystery of Zuko’s mother. And it makes sense perfectly in context with the series, again flowing easily into the canon as if it were another episode. It also features one of my favorite spirit world denizens yet. As long as the quality remains this high, I’ll never get enough of stories in this world.

Comic – Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise: A+

Avatar promiseA+
They captured the voice and look of the show perfectly, like looking at animatics for a multi-part episode. All the heart, suspense, comedy, and fun that the series so wonderfully displayed were all present. It was full of great sequences and never felt like something tacked on, but rather an engaging continuation. I wholly recommend it to all fans of the show.