Movie – Batman: Year One: C-

Batman Begins took a lot from the same source comic, and did a much better job with it. Bruce Wayne/Batman’s voice was so similar to Gordon’s it was confusing during inner monologues for either character. The art was decent but not great and the story lost all poignancy with the conversion to animation.


Movie – Contagion: B

The camera work was great, lingering on things people touched to note the inevitable spread of germs. But the film overall lacked any sense of urgency. Too many characters made it difficult to care what happened to one and the scale of the plague was never rendered strikingly enough. The focus on the medical professionals was a mistake, as I assumed (correctly) that the doctors would figure it all out.

Movie – Drive: C-

Why would a movie called Drive a)have only one lack-luster car chase, and b) not explain any justification for what motivates (i.e. drives) its characters? Staring at another person does not convey emotion. It conveys boredom. The “realistic” approach was unraveled by the excessive gore that begins in the second half of the film.