Comic – All-New X-Men vol1: Yesterday’s X-Men: A-

all new xmen vol1A-
The premise, (that Beast brought the original X-Men to the present so that adult Cyclops can feel bad about his current situation) certainly seems to be a thinly-veiled commentary on the sad state of the modern X-Men timeline. Bendis handles the original X-Teens reacting to their future selves quite well and their interactions feel genuine, especially the Beasts. I did find it odd that Angel was basically ignored, but perhaps that’s a seed for future events. As someone who hasn’t read any current X-Men in quite some time, it was easy to jump into, despite all their convoluted recent history. I always enjoy Immonen’s art and he continued to deliver.


Comic – Castle: Deadly Storm: B

I’m a bigger fan of Castle than I should be. I especially love the idea of real-life fiction “written” by a fictional character. Deadly Storm offers up what would be written by the writers of the show, and for the most part that’s a good thing. Nothing terribly surprising, but a solid spy/murder mystery with the usual amount of twists that would come from an episode of Castle. The art was all the right choice, professional and non-distracting, but not remarkable.