Movie – Guardians of the Galaxy: A+

guardians of the galaxyA+
I’ve always convinced myself I was a fan of Marvel’s cosmic series, but to be honest, I would classify very few as “good”. But now, finally, I am rewarded for my vigilant fandom. Guardians of the Galaxy threw more cosmic comic references than I could’ve dreamed, and topped it with nostalgia for things non-comic-bookers love too, most notably the music. But even the space adventure structure felt warmly familiar. The humor exceeded expectations (which were already high) and the action flowed gorgeously. And for a movie overflowing with characters, each was granted enough time to find a purpose.

Movie – Savages: F

This film has killed everything it could, including hopes I had of John Travolta and Selma Hayek remaining exciting casting choices. It murdered any suspicion that Blake Lively might one day be taken seriously. It executed all remaining thought I had of Oliver Stone’s relevance. There may have been a story in there somewhere, but it was so hideously disfigured that “savage” would be too nice a term to describe the action that ruined it so heinously.