Movie – The Last Stand: B-

last standB-
If a 90’s-era action movie was the goal of Schwarzenegger’s return to film, then I suppose it succeeded. Arnold shot people. Knoxville acted wacky yet loveable. The bad guy was cartoonishly despicable. The results were predictably cathartic. It’s like comfort food. Not the best but fulfilling only through its familiarity.

Movie – The Expendables 2: A

The Expendables movies know their audience and embrace them exactly as they should. I wish some other franchises would take notice. Every action movie trope was present, and the movie excelled because of them. The references to the characters’ other films was a bit heavy-handed, but some worked beautifully (such as referencing Dolph Lundgren’s real-world masters degree). Chuck Norris’ addition worked well, and Schwarzenegger and Willis’ extended scenes affixed a wide smile on my face.

Movie – Total Recall: A+

Everything holds up perfectly. It’s a wonderful glance at a corporate-driven future. It’s an action movie with a plot, not too complicated, but enough to keep the audience interested in what’s going on and not just waiting for Arnold’s next one-liner (great though they may be.) The special effects didn’t show their age too badly either. I’m probably one of the few who has enjoyed nearly all the movie adaptations of Philip K. Dick’s stories, and this one ranks at the top. (Ok, second to the top. Blade Runner holds the #1 spot.)