Movie – In the Land of Blood and Honey: B+

in the land of blood and honeyB+
Through Netflix recommendations, my wife discovered that she unknowingly enjoys an oddly specific genre: Dark Foreign Movies with Strong Female Leads. The stories are always similar, with equal amounts of desperation drama, suspense, and scenes of degradation sometimes difficult to watch. This one, due to some clout from its director, Angelina Jolie, had a higher production value than some of the others, but stuck with the similar themes. The best thing about this genre is learning about conflicts from a more local perspective (in this case Bosnia), though this is often equal parts interesting and depressing. Good ending though.


Movie – Kung-Fu Panda 2: A

I’m a kung-fu fan, and the makers of this film were too. Like the original, (and most good animated movies quite frankly) the story adapts a tried and true genre plotline and adapts it for it’s own purposes. Though not quite as good as the first, it delivers when it counts. There were moments of character overload, but with the amount of talented actors and artists this movie gathered it wasn’t overly distracting.

Movie – The Tourist: C-

Much like Primal Fear above, I jokingly guessed the ridiculous twist ending, one I assumed to be too inexplicable to be plausible. The movie couldn’t decide what genre it was. It had quirky moments that were almost funny, action sequences straight out of spy thrillers, and awkward romance scenes from romantic comedies, none of which were particularly well-crafted. My mother put it well saying it was “just an excuse for Angelina Jolie to wear nice outfits and look pretty.”