Movie – Monsters University: B+

monsters universityB+
I’m not sure why they thought a parody of college life would make for a good PG film, and most of its problems stem from that. The animation is still top notch, most notably when in the “human world,” and the busy scenes full of monsters were beautiful. The new characters were a motley pile of “OK” with the exception of Dean Hardscrabble, whose design was sheer awesomeness. Naturally, the talented voice cast did a great job. Unfortunately, Pixar is just no longer a standard, and Monsters University is just another unnecessary sequel. Futurama’s “Mars University” episode remains the best animated college story.


Movie – Rango: A+

You can tell that Rango is from the same studio that made Happy Feet because of amazing detail in the computer graphics, but unlike Happy Feet, this movie has dozens of characters and each one is unique and interesting. The story is a beautiful collection of western homage and whimsy. The visuals, the voicework, the character interactions, and the plot are all arranged perfectly. Genuinely funny too.