Comic – Star Wars: Infinities – Return of the Jedi: B+

infinities rotj
Like the other two Infinities volumes, it’s a short comic telling a lot of story, so things feel forced and there isn’t much room for action. It’s probably the weakest of the series, with the changes not really leading to much of a difference. The odd thing is, each volume would work great as exposition, with a potentially great story taking place after each ends.


Comic – Avengers: Endless Wartime: A-

avengers endless wartimeA-

Warren Ellis often has a formula. And it often works. This time we have Norse dragon-god babies turned into Nazi living weapons. Though it’s clearly influenced by their movie personae, most of the Avengers gets some good micro-arcs, especially Bruce Banner. He gets the right voices for Wolverine, Hawkeye and Iron Man too. The story could be more exciting, but it’s a like a really good filler episode for a non-existant Marvel cinematic universe Avengers TV series.

Comic – B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth vol 7: A Cold Day in Hell: A-

bprd hoe vol7A-

Two huge revelations triggered crazy events at the end of volume 6. Then this volume practically ignored them, initially returning to the small scope and focus on the grunts of the BPRD. It’s a more character driven approach and well done, but I just wanted more of the epicness the series is capable of. The final arc returns to the wild and imaginative storytelling that makes this my favorite series, but it’s yet another story thread while I’m still aching for more on the events already happening.

Comic – Swamp Thing vol2: Family Tree: A-

swamp thing vol2A-

After all the emotion of the first volume, it’s nice to watch some Swamp Thing brawling. And his design is awesome. I love how he shifts and grows based on the situation and his mood. And his foes are great too, like something out of Hellboy or the horror comics of the 70’s. And like the first volume, I appreciate the continued use of unique layouts and their allusion to Moore’s 90’s series. I could’ve skipped the #0 and the Swamp Thing Annual stories included in this volume, not because they were poorly done, but because they jarringly altered the flow of the narrative, and that they weren’t consistent with the style.

Comic – Saga vol3: A+

saga vol3A+

Vaughan and Staples continue their reign as the greatest talents in comics. The story slows down a bit, but only to make way for yet more development for each and every character. In the midst of the tense, epic showdown toward the end of the volume, even Lying Cat gets some brief backstory. Saga continues to demonstrate a perfect merger of fantasy in a scifi setting.

Comic – B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth vol 6: The Return of the Master: A+

bprd hoe vol6A+

Its almost as if B.P.R.D.’s creators cataloged my favorite elements from the Hellboy universe and in this volume decided to dramatically reveal them all as epically as possible. Bad guys from volume 1 and monsters from volume 12 plus the BPRD’s most awesome villain all merging on the growing apocalypse. The end of world is crashing down and it could not be more entertaining.

Comic – Adventure Time vol4: A

adventure time vol4A

One thing admirable about the Adventure Time comics, aside from capturing the fun of the series, is how it tries things only capable in a comic book format. The opening issue of this volume succeeded quite well in this respect. The larger story the rest of the volume contained offered quite a few entertaining moments, but I felt it tried too hard to drop in references to the overarching continuity. But North continues to write Finn and Jake’s dialog perfectly, with so many great lines it uplifts the volume considerably. Once again, for fans of the show, the comics remain algebraic.