Book – The Name of the Wind: B+

name of the windB+
I started off The Name of Wind loving it. By the end I merely had a somewhat grudging friendship with it. It has some things that make for good fantasy, especially strong worldbuilding, but it never quite gave me what I was looking for. It never really finishes anything, building up goals or moments of suspense, then undoing the resolutions so that the events hardly mattered. It also features one the worst manic-pixie-dream-girl characters I’ve ever encountered. That said, it weaves its central theme of storytelling admirably. The numerous stories within stories within stories were some of my favorite segments. The narrator often remarks that “If this were a story,” something else would happen, or comments on how a character doesn’t fit a cliche. Like many other things I didn’t quite enjoy, I’m still pursuing more, assuming it will get better now that things are established.

One thought on “Book – The Name of the Wind: B+

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