Movie – World War Z: B+

world war zB+
Though I’d heard it had absolutely nothing to do with the book (which of course I loved and recommend as the best zombie-rated piece of media I’ve ever consumed), it isn’t quite just a zombie movie with a title stolen from the novel. There were several ideas taken from the book it hinted toward, and the globe-skipping aspect remained somewhat intact. And it was a pretty darn good zombie film, wasting no time before the initial outbreak, and leaving genre-blindness mostly behind. The zombie behaviors and scenes were almost all fantastic, except for their cliche twitching and dumb sound-effects. Also the ridiculous final plot resolution. I enjoyed the “ant mound” scene but it was nearly ruined by bad CG, but there were plenty of other great ideas too (Zombies on a plane!). It’s pandering to a PG-13 rating also hurt the film significantly, and having things happen slightly off camera woefully hindered the cinematography.

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