Movie – Elysium: B+

While the dystopian world-building was incredibly forced and the character arcs could’ve used some touching up, there was plenty of awesome moments and cool sci-fi tech to keep me hooked. The weapons, the robots, the spaceships; all the technology was amazingly cool and the CG was seamless and beautiful. There were characters I liked (Kruger) and characters I didn’t (Spider). The action scenes generated plenty of smiles, aside from lots of shaky-cam and a poorly placed POV shot that looked like a 3rd person video game.


One thought on “Movie – Elysium: B+

  1. The 3rd person video game shots looked like they were on purpose to me!

    Well either way, the action was fine, but I didn’t really care enough about the characters or story… and yeah, Spider was definitely a weak character.

    Also, is giving an overpopulated planet the technology to heal a good thing?! I think the ending of the movie is that Matt Damon killed the Earth!

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