Comic – Green Arrow vol1: The Midas Touch: C-

green arrow vol1C-
Green Arrow needed expert reinvention on par with those given to Animal Man, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Instead, we are given a painfully boring character with no notable characteristics. The new side-kick characters seem straight out of a terrible TV series on the CW. The villains could’ve been interesting, but utterly fail. The first story arc is unforgivably terrible. It feels like it’s written by an old man who has heard that this new thing called “the internet” is hip with the youngsters and attempted to wrap a story around that vague concept. The second arc is only marginally better, despite being written by Keith Giffen, usually a decent writer. Not so much this time around.


4 thoughts on “Comic – Green Arrow vol1: The Midas Touch: C-

    • I believe that Green Arrow can be done right. He was fine in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, and though I haven’t seen it, I’ve heard good things about the Arrow series. He just needs to find his niche, and this new comic series is not it.

      • My wife and I watch that series. It’s pretty bad. The only thing that saves it is that the Green Arrow guy does this workout sweaty muscle thing. Then he got a sidekick that works out with him who is a good looking non aggressive black dude. So they hit sticks shirtless together. The boobs on the guy characters are bigger than all the women in the are bigger than all the women in the show put together. It’s clear the show is not really for us 😦 I’ll blog about it tomorrow or something πŸ™‚ that show is irritating.

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