Movie – Life of Pi: B+

life of piB+
I liked the survival tale, but perhaps I expected something more epic somehow, or tense, or exciting. Not sure. It certainly wasn’t boring, but not astounding either. The narration bothered me, but the ending was fantastic and wouldn’t have worked without it. Worth a see.


4 thoughts on “Movie – Life of Pi: B+

  1. I agree! I had read the book, and I felt that the actors weren’t able to pull the weight of the material. And yes, there was an expectation of “epicness” that was not found in the film. But visually, it was well worth it, and worth the price of 3D.

    • I haven’t read the book, but I had heard it was supposed to “unfilmable” so I guess they did ok with it.

      I do all I can to avoid 3D. I’ve never seen anything where it was truly worth the extra cost.

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