Movie – Beasts of the Southern Wild: B

beasts of the southern wildB
Artistic certainly, but not quite engaging, or even beautiful. I liked the auroch imagery, and there were several great scenes but the roads between them were bland, like a stretch of country interstate. Or perhaps the fact I think a stretch of country interstate is a negative thing points to why I didn’t enjoy a film encouraging enjoyment for the small things in life.


3 thoughts on “Movie – Beasts of the Southern Wild: B

  1. I’m not convinced you feel very strongly about that “B”! My review would read the same, except it would end with a grade lower. I went in expecting the movie to be more fantastical, and instead, got sleepy during this poetic movie.

    I hate poetry.

    • Perhaps I wanted to like it more than I did. It wouldn’t be the first time. (I’m still ashamed of my Prometheus review. Excitement got the best of me.) It wasn’t without merit though, so I’ll stick with my B for now. Maybe my poetry tolerance is higher.

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