Movie – The Cabin in the Woods: A

Meta stories (stories referencing their own genre or creation) are tricky. They can derail easily. But with Joss Whedon’s hand guiding the script, Cabin in the Woods understood its roles and expertly poked at them while never failing at riotous entertainment. The film starts off quirky and smart, but not overly amazing, getting by with a wonderful dynamic between the two antagonists (for lack of a better term.) Then after one of most obvious deus ex machinas ever, a fantastic and frantic ending solidified the film’s genius.


3 thoughts on “Movie – The Cabin in the Woods: A

  1. I enjoyed this one too! Though, I would’ve preferred a Truman Show type world as opposed to the fantastical realm with the “ancient ones”. I still enjoyed that direction too though.

    Now as for this “most obvious deus ex machina”… uhh which part was that?? Haha, I guess I missed–or forgot–the obvious!

    • I wasn’t too impressed with the “ancient ones” motivation either, but it was necessary in order to remain sympathetic toward the two guys in the control room. A Truman Show type world would make them look too much like sadists. Not that they weren’t…

      The obvious deus ex machina was the button that released everything, What possible purpose could that button have?

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